GB FTCH Gosberry Governor



This is what John says about Governor:


Governor is a big, strong black dog – he carries the yellow gene.

As a pup he was very easy to train with a lot of natural ability.  He is not just a good marking dog he is an excellent marking dog.  He has natural gun-sense and just seems to have that uncanny ability to know where the birds are.

He won his first novice trial at the age of fifteen months and went on to become a field trial champion by three years of age.  He won his first one-day open trial and has qualified for the IGL retriever championship five years in succession.  For the last four years he has won the first trial he has competed in and consequently he did not compete again during those years as there was little point.

He was an extremely good working test dog in his younger days winning many prestigious tests and qualifying for the England gun dog team. 

He is a hard-going dog but very biddable and I am able to take him picking-up one day and go trialling the next without any problem.

He has always been a very sound dog with no health or lameness problems and seems to be producing sound puppies which are now starting to gain awards.