About me

My name is Anne Nerell. I have been interested in dogs and horses since childhood. I got my first horse in the 1950ies. That's when my interest in breeding started.

Life went on and eventually I ended up in Stockholm where I met my future husband. We got 4 fantastic children together. 1974 we bought our first dog, a golden retriever named Tammie.

1979 I bred my first litter of Goldens. Since then I've been in dogs  and there has been both good and bad times. I have learned a lot about dogs and I have shown them as well as trained them as gun dogs. I used to breed show Golden for some 30 years and I bred a number of champions.

1989 we moved to a farm outside Stockholm. We then had horses, sheep, dogs and cats. The children grew up and moved from home. 2001 I moved to Sången where I live now.

I started to work outside home and had to make other priorities. My golden retriever breeding eventually ceased. I still have contact with the breed mostly through my judging appointments.


2000 I bought my first working Labrador. This was a new experience to me. I called my first Labrador, Loke. He was a black dog from working lines and a wonderful dog to live with. Autumn 2002 I bought 2 Labradors from England one of which "Millie" stayed with me.  2006 I mated Millie to Loke. I didn't keep a puppy but I used one of the bitches from that litter for breeding. I kept a puppy from that litter, Susa. Time goes on and more generations followed as you can see on my Web page.

I now have a small breeding of Labradors and my ambition is to breed nice family dogs with good working ability.

I hope to be able to devote myself to my wonderful hobby, dogs, many more years!