Earlier litters

Litter 1

born 2006-03-26
e SNJCH Streamlight's Brave Opal
u Tweedshot Misteque


Litter 2
born 2008-12-14
e DKJCH SJ(A)CH Bierspool Blackbill of Lakedown
u Stenbury Black Miracle


Litter 3
born 2011-04-18
e SEJ(A)CH SEJ(J)CH Justlike Kronprins Frederik
u SEJ(J)CH Stenbury Black Ribbon PHOTO


Litter 4
born 2012-01-19
e GBFTCH Waterford Ganton
u SE FIJCH Stenbury Black Ribbon PHOTO


Litter 5
born 2012-03-12
e Stenbury Black Grouse
u Tweedshot Saphire PHOTO


Litter 6
born 2013-02-24
e S J(J)CH Moorman's Nzo
u Stenbury Black Wych PHOTO


Litter 7
born 2014-01-02
e GB FTCH Astraglen Hail
u SE FIJCH Stenbury Black Ribbon PHOTO


Litter 8

born 2015-01-11

e GB FTCH Waysgreen Barracuda

u Stenbury Black Bellatrix PHOTO

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